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Hot Scissors: The Solution the Split Ends?

In the age of blow-drying, brushing, coloring, and hot tools, scruffy split ends seem inevitable. Jaguar TC ThermoCut System, or “hot scissors,” seal split ends with heated blades.

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Thermal/Hot Scissors

Thermal Hair Cut

Discover our innovative Thermo Cut System, meticulously tailored to suit your hair’s unique qualities and length. Experience the magic as our skilled stylist transforms your locks into an immediate, stunning result. Trust YOSO SALON to deliver the optimum hair transformation you’ve been dreaming of.

 discover the benefits of thermo scissors for your hair.

  • Permed hair will be given more elasticity
  • Fine hair will be given more volume
  • Split hair will become healthy and more resistant
  • Dull, brittle hair will be regenerated
  • Every type of hair will be easier to style chelsea salon

5 Advantage About HOT SCISSORS haircut london

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Hot Scissors Hair Cut London At Yoso Salon
Beauty Esthetician 43 Chelsea Hair Salon | Yoso Salon | Hair Salon In Chelsea

1️⃣ For Queens ONLY. The first mention of the use of hot scissors dates back to ancient Egypt. Queen Cleopatra, who was famous for her magnificent thick hair, ordered them to be cut with hot blades/ scissors heated on fire. Still wondering whether it’s true or not, but that lady had magnificent hair.


2️⃣ How it’s done? The procedure is to cut the hair with hot-blade scissors. It is a special instrument that connects to the power grid and heats up to a temperature of 80 to 150°C (270F-310F).

3️⃣ Seals the split ends. It’s the same idea as when you cut the end of a rope; the cut end will unravel and fray a bit. That is what hair looks like after a cut, too. But with thermal scissors, the ends are sealed, which helps the hair retain moisture so it reduces split ends.

4️⃣ Temperature! One of the benefit of this new technology is that temperature is always adjusted to the individual hair proprieties, therefore your hair receives the optimal temperature to seal the hair end when cut.

5️⃣ Results ! Thermo Cut keeps the hairstyle looking fresh for weeks, but it won’t cure split ends completely. That is why is also required to have regular haircut sessions if you wish to achieve an outstanding result.

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What are hot scissors?

Hot scissors haircut is essentially a repairing treatment for your hair. Sealed ends and Healthy hair. Thermo Cut defines that the blades used through the hairdressing scissors are sincerely heated. The heat seals the hair ends, the natural moisture and care substances are preserved.

Are hot scissors good for cutting hair?

They are, in fact, less damaging.
Unlike traditional scissors, which open the cuticle and leave the hair susceptible to environmental stress that can cause frizz and dryness, the heat from the hot scissors seals the end of the hair to trap in moisture and protect the hair from damage.

How do you use hot scissors?

While you use the shears as you would a conventional shear, one of the blades is electrically-heated (the shears feature a long cord that is plugged into an electric outlet). The effect of the heat, according to Oray, is to seal the cut end of the hair, creating a blunt, weighted end that makes hair look thicker and healthier.

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Hot Scissors Hair Cut London
Thermal Hair Cut In Chelsea Hair Salon-Yoso Salon
Hot Scissors Hair Cut
Hot Scissors Hair Cut In Chelsea Hair Salon-Yoso Salon

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